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Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are here to help guide you through the change.

Why is my insurance changing to NPI directly?

Your ANZ insurance policy (Motor Vehicle, House, Contents, Loan, Travel) has been underwritten by NPI for many years.  Both ANZ and NPI are focused on ensuring customers can benefit from the latest products and services that NPI offers. We believe that the best way for you to achieve this is for you to be directly insured with NPI.  So ANZ and NPI have agreed that NPI will manage all aspects of your insurance directly from Thursday 1 July 2021.

What does it mean for me?

From 1 July 2021, NPI will manage all aspects of your insurance. Where previously you may have received communications from ANZ about your insurance, after this date all communications about your insurance  will come directly from NPI. If you have any enquiries about your policy, please continue to contact NPI on the same details you’ve always used (which are shown above). This change to your insurance does not affect any banking arrangements you may have with ANZ.

Am I still covered by my existing ANZ/NPI policy?

Yes, you are still covered and NPI will continue to manage your existing policy directly. Your current insurance cover benefits and exclusions, policy history and payment arrangements will remain the same until your policy is due for renewal. You will continue to benefit from a no-claims bonus, if this currently applies to you.

Can I keep my current policy after my renewal date?

When your insurance policy is due for renewal, you will be offered a comparable NPI house, contents or motor policy, to replace your current ANZ/NPI policy.

Will my cover/policy change after my renewal date?

As your current ANZ/NPI policy will no longer be available, you will be offered a comparable NPI house, contents or motor policy from your renewal date.

What benefits do NPI offer?

Dependent on your NPI policy, some or all of the below may apply:

  • Convenient payment options to suit you.
  • Getting your renewal documents via email.
  • Ability to lodge your claims online.
  • Ability to get a quote, and request an insurance policy, online.

Does this change alter my premium?

Insurance premiums are regularly reviewed so change may occur, but this change from ANZ/NPI to NPI Insurance will not result in any immediate change to your current insurance premiums.

What if I need to make changes to my policy or make a claim?

As your policy continues to be underwritten by NPI, the support you receive from NPI will remain the same. This means if there’s anything you need; you can follow the same process as you would normally:

  • To make changes to your policy or update your contact details, please call NPI +685 20481.
  • To make a claim, go to national-pacific-insurance.ws to lodge your claim online or call NPI +685 20481

I have an existing claim on my ANZ/NPI policy – what happens to this?

Your existing claim will continue to be managed by NPI.

Do I need to change my payment to make sure I am covered?

If you are currently paying your premium by fortnightly instalment, you will need to contact NPI.  You can call NPI +685 20481

Can I keep my no claims bonus?

Yes, there is no change to your no claims bonus, if this currently applies to you.

I still have more questions, who can I speak to?

For more information about this change, visit national-pacific-insurance.ws/anz, call NPI +685 20481, or email [email protected].

Questions not answered here?

Call NPI on +685 20481

Policy queries and claims?

Call NPI on +685 20481